At 9:00 a.m. Sundays, we are holding both virtual worship and in-person worship. Virtual worship can be found on our Facebook page.

We currently are offering one Sunday worship service at 9 a.m. We welcome people of all ages to attend. Read the description below for more information.

9:00 a.m. Sunday Worship

This is a somewhat interactive worship experience with a music style centered around current-day Christian music. As worship begins, a worship leader will help participants experience God's presence through song and prayer. An introduction of the daily theme includes a special time for children.

Following this time, children age 3 years through 5th grade are invited to attend Children's Worship. Children who would like to attend will be checked-in and escorted to the kids' areas on the lower level. They will use story and movement to explore the same scripture as the adults in the sanctuary. 

Our sanctuary service continues with scripture, a message that relates scripture to real life, prayer time, and Holy Communion. Our Communion table is open to all and will be served every Sunday at the 9:00 service. Dress is casual.

After worship, children who attend Children's Worship should be met by their parents and caregivers in the area near Fellowship Hall on the lower level.

Options for Children During Worship Service
(Due to COVID-19, Free Nursery Care and Activity Bags are suspended until further notice.) 



When you are ready to entrust the care of children to our nursery staff, we are glad to welcome infants and children up through the age of 5. The nursery is located on our lower level and includes a private rocking/nursing area. Please ask an usher for any assistance you may need. If you need changing tables, those are located in both upstairs restrooms, the women's restroom downstairs, and in the nursery. 



Children are welcome to bring activity bags into worship. These are located in the upper entryway and include activity sheets, crayons, small toys and books.

Accessibility & Comfort

We recognize that everyone has different abilities to see and hear. We also understand that some physical conditions may make it difficult to remain seated during worship. Please feel free to change seats during the service; move forward if you cannot see the screen or hear worship leaders. If you need any assistance, please let an usher or the pastor know so we can work together to help provide the best worship experience possible. 


Our worship services can be viewed live in the library, just down the hall from the sanctuary. This is an option for persons who may need to respond to the needs of a child or have difficulty sitting in a pew. Please ask an usher if you need assistance finding the library. 


Our sanctuary, office, and library are accessible on the main level. Park in the upper lot for easy access through the front doors. Fellowship Hall is located on our lower level. For easiest access, drive around the back of the Church building to our lower level parking area and come in through the lower entryway.

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